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  Boitumelo G.T Molapisi Orilibile Trade & Investment T/A Rebels Pizza

Shop U216 Food Court

Westgate Regional Shopping Centre

Horizonview, Roodepoort


22 April 2020

Dear SEDA,

I am writing you this letter to vouch for Bizstarters, who has provided us with exceptional assistance and service.

Bizstarters successfully assisted Orilibile Trade and Investment Pty Ltd and Kaelo Ya Orion Pty Ltd with applications of acquiring financial assistance from various Financial Institutions. They assisted with the whole process, from business plan drafts right through to submissions. With their immense banking background, they understood our business, its needs and financial requirements, and managed to successfully link us with the right financial products and financial partners.

Theywere a pleasure to work with, and their professionalism was appreciated. They were efficient and delivered according to agreed timelines.

Kindly consider them for the application. Sincerely,

Boitumelo Molapisi

Director: Orilibile Trade & Investment Pty Ltd

071 360 9941



SamMokati- Owner

They started coaching at OK Wierda Park in July 2017. I was introduced to Coenie Groenewald to be my coach and I was very excited to have him as a coach. At that stage when Coenie came, the store had already been trading for 5 months. We were faced with a number of challenges at the time, amongst others was the constructions at the shopping centre, continuous renovations at the store and also bringing back the customers that used to shop at the then Shoprite before we took over.

When the store opened we were turning over approximately R2,6M and this posed a serious challenge ahead of us. Turnover continued to grow at a slow pace also due to the centre revamp.
We need at least R6M to really realise a positive bottom line.

Coeniebrought a great positive impact in my coaching and the business focus. There were number of issues that he turned our focus to, so that we can streamline and achieve immediate short term and long-term results. Amongst other focal points were focusing on the positives and identifying areas of opportunities to improve sales.

He personally coached me not to focus on the negatives (which were plenty at the time) but stay clear and appreciate the great growth that was taking place. His support during the initial stages was extremely valuable.

Later that year in September I introduced me to Cecil Van Niekerk who also made an invaluable contribution to my personal coaching and business. This made the team more diverse and even more vibrant that Coenie had more time to focus on the Sales and Stock and Merchandising and Cecil reinforced the business solutions aspects and implementation move a lot quicker.

Somemajor contributions and tools implemented by the team have been;

Monthly performance reports - These monthly reports, with the different tracking matrix, helped us to focus on the areas that show the most growth, and maximising on the low hanging fruits. The reports captured the key areas of performance as well as identifying the opportunities of growing sales. These reports inspired me, as visually it showed us the upward growth of the store.

A Marketing Plan was developed for the store. By doing this it helped for us to focus on the opportunities that are available in increasing sales and profit and taking the business to the next level.

In conjuction with the Marketing Plan a Sales Forecast was devised and is now assisting me to stay focused on a daily basis.

The Coaches supported me with insights and advice on managing expenses and bottom line profits, and also assisted me to construct an Expense Budget spreadsheet with targets.

The focus always remained on helping the store to reach its target of becoming a profitable business.

Their coaching on the Income Statement was extremely valuable as it changed my outlook on the focus of ensuring the store becoming profitable. My understanding of the elements that drive the profit and losses within a small business has changed a lot.

 A great job was getting us to focus on expanding the OK Loyalty Card Membership as an extension to the stores marketing initiatives. This proved to be highly successful. A staff challenge with incentives for staff was successfully implemented. In April, with the launch of the Loyalty Card Challenge the membership of Loyalty Card Programme stood at 7 231. 3 Months later, at the end of July, membership stood at 9 455. This is 2 224 additional card customers. This has reflected positively on the growth of our turnover. A target was set to achieve 10 000 membership card customers by the 31st of December 2018 which will in all probability be achieved in September 2018.

The team assisted in doing a base staffing exercise that helped us to bring the staff cost down from 15% to sales, to 9% to sales in July. A Staff Dashboard was created for us that helped in more effectively managing resources as well as ensuring productivity in all areas of my store.

Substantialsupport has been provided on merchandising the store correctly with regards to space. We identified the top 100 and bottom 100 which remain a continuous and on-going focus in the business.

Thestoreroom was overstocked at the time when the team arrived. Lots of work went into the process of bringing the stock down to an acceptable level.

TheLiquorStoreopened on the 18th of March 2018.

Currently the store turnover has grown strongly and at the end of July stood at;

Foods - R3,392m (+42% on Last Year)

Liquor R644K

Current Store turnover is in excess of R4,036m (+114% growth on the previous year)

In the last year the monitory growth of the store has been consistent and continues to grow strongly. The support received from the team has added value across the entire spectrum of the business.

I am very grateful for of the guidance and help we received from Omni. In hindsight, it would have been very useful to have had some of this coaching and guidance prior to the opening of the store. That would have alleviated some of the frustrations we incurred after the store opened.



Sam Mokati (Owner)