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Business Diagnostic Analysis

Business Diagnostic Analysis



Is a independent detailed analysis of a business, or group of businesses, to identify the GAP`s (areas in need of improvement) by using an Analytics Diagnostic System, covering all key areas of most businesses. Up to 14 areas are covered. A detail report on every section of the said business is compiled and the findings and recommendations given to the Business Owner and / or Financier or Head Office, to identify the areas of improvement to ultimately ensure the successful running of a business.

We diagnose businesses by performing a Holistic 360O analysis based on:

                                                                                                           We want to help you:

Holistic_360                  MITIGATE YOUR BUSINESS RISK

  •                          FOCUS ON SUSTAINABLE GROWTH


We measure the following aspects of business:



Once the diagnotic Analysis is complete, the full report is presented to the Business Owner and / or Business Financier, covering the main areas of any typical business.

The report measures risk according to High, Medium and Low on a dashboard according to the individual sections scored. A typical report will look as follows.



A summary of the suggested “Plan of Action” or “The Way Forward” is part of the report and it is firstly focused on the High Risk Areas and the areas that will make a difference in turning the business around. It gives the Business Owner a tool to help him/her focus in the critical areas of the business.

The way forward

Based on the findings in the report, we make available an Action Plan to the owner and /or financiers or the franchise Head Office of the said business. This plan is a functional and workable tool to help the business owners to keep their focus on the key areas that will make the biggest difference and where it is most needed for an effective turnaround of his/her business, in as short time possible (80/20 principle).

Who will benefit from a Diagnostic Analysis:

  • Franchisors – An independent opinion and assessment of a franchisee and the outlet, which information may be used to guide and manage the Franchisee to further success. Overall learning for the group.
  • Franchisees or any SMME owners – Identifying problem areas within the business and use the information to focus on short comings to protect the business and obtain qualified assistance in specialised segments.
  • Business Financiers (Banks, Financial institutions, and Companies) – An independent report on businesses and business owners that were financed, will be valuable in mitigating risk. The analysis will pinpoint the areas of focus and highlight high risk areas. It will aid in taking a decision whether to continue financing or pulling the plug and it serves as a yardstick to show progress which is measurable going forward at predetermined intervals.
  • Potential business buyers can obtain a holistic view of a business they wish to purchase – Full due diligence prior to signing any contracts.
  • Corporate business that require an independent opinion in different areas of their business.